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Company Profile

WorldScience is specialized in developing and manufacture the world's best CO₂ Incubator.
With the idea and belief to contributing greatly to biotechnology, pysicho-chemistry and medical device industry,
we are focused on CO₂ Incubator.
WorldScience is providing various sized CO₂ Incubator from small to big. Moreover,
we are also manufacturing variously applied Incubator such as Multifunctional CO₂ Incubator.
We own ample technology with amazing designing infrastructures.
Furthermore, we are developing and manufacturing Korea's first anti-bacterial CO₂Incubator.
Currently producing models are Sterilization CO₂ Incubator and cooling co2 incubator.
World Science is the best professional company that researches and develops CO2 Incubator.
To provide the the fine basis for the fields such as biotechnology, physical and chemical appliances,
and medical appliances, World Science concentrates all our efforts on making better CO2 Incubators.
Having many years of experience, World Science develops a variety of products from a small CO2 Incubator to a big CO?
Incubator, and also has high technical skills and design infrastructure.
World Science promises you the best technical support and follow-up service for your satisfaction.
We will do our best to lead the CO? Incubator market by making continuous investment and development.
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